Brand new equipment where you have all the opportunities, to have a good workout.

The gym offers, brand new machines, free weights, and cardio equipment.

Personal Trainers are movement experts who can help you reach your fitness goals faster by creating a customized workout program and movement strategy just for you. With their guidance and support,

Kick your workouts into high gear with our modern Training equipment, Led by personal trainers.


Want to work out more, but do not know what to do with the little ones?

In Fiji Life Fitness centre, we have a childcare, so you can bring your kids while you are working out.

The childcare is located within the center and has different toys for the kids to play with. We will do our best to create a creative and fun environment for the kids and they will always be under supervision of one of our staff-members.

Therefore, no excuse not to bring the whole family and spend an active time together.

Outdoor Area

Want to train in a natural environment?

Outdoor training is a fun and effective way to train, and a good way to add on to your body work out.

Try our outdoor area, where you will find different cross fit bar, and a wooden terrace where the Pilates and yoga classes will be held.

Further, we also provide nutritional education and social get together, for renting the outdoor area please contact us